Electronique Rate Boards

What makes ensigne rate boards unique or different?


Our electronic exchange rate boards are designed to enhance the corporate image of the organisation they are supplied to.
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gallery to see what lengths we go to in order to provide Rate Boards that build on the decor already on the premises.

All Rate Boards are designed to be read with direct sunlight shining on them. No more customers cupping their hands on the window trying to read dim displays.

ensigne offer a number of technologies for updating the information on the Rate Board displays. While Infra-Red remote controls are available along with Windows software (95, 98, NT, XP) for cable connection, far more sophisticated systems are usually chosen. These systems enable the wireless update of hundreds of Rate Boards country wide, simultaneously, controlled from a central point. A turnkey solution is supplied without the need to involve your Information Technology departments.

Central and automated wireless update also means what is displayed is accurate and also timely. Data entry errors, so typical with Infra-Red remote controls, are avoided reducing operational risk.

Custom Solution
As well as custom enclosures to enhance corporate imagery, the exact nature of what is displayed can be built to specification.  ensigne Rate Boards are not limited to what is available "off the shelf".

Acquisition Options
As well as our out-right purchase, ensigne is happy to enter into full service contracts where the equipment maintenance and communication costs (wireless) are all bundled into a monthly fee. This has proved popular with a number of organisations.

ensigne maintenance contracts are recommended and ensigne is happily maintaining equipment sold over a decade ago.